Commercials come and go, and as a new crop of advertisements appear on my television then it must mean it's time for another installment of "Commercials I Hate".
  • What's It Like To Bite Into A Twix? Well, if this human beatbox is any indication, biting into a Twix must be pure hell. Human beatboxes must be all the rage in marketingland, as last month Chilli's was using one to hype their menu. This month we get another rapping percussionist, and just as it looks like the commercial can't get any worse, we're "treated" to an extreme close-up of the man's mouth, complete with horrid teeth! Crunchy!
  • Checkers's "Ya Gotta Eat!" No, I don't. Next please.
  • Stop Payment Notice This is a local spot, so you probably haven't seen it if you live outside of Florida. This commercial begins with Used Car Commercial Voice Man announcing "STOP! A stop payment notice has been issued for all cars in your area!". Call me crazy, but I sincerely doubt Bud Looter's Chevrolet used car dealership has the authority to override the bank.
  • Chilli's American Idol It takes a special level of suck to make my list twice in a row, but Chilli's has done it with that infernal baby back ribs jingle. This month the company got two American Idol rejects to sing it a capella. "I want my baby back"? How about "I want my thirty seconds back"?

Let's hope that next month is a better month for advertisements. I'll be watching because, apparently, I gotta eat.