I met with my new surgeon on Monday. There are some hard times ahead, but when it's all over I should have my life back. Here's what's going to happen: I go in for surgery on May 13, 2003. The doctor will cut into the closed-off portions of intestines that have caused me so much trouble and attempt to open them up. Other sections that are beyond repair will be removed, if possible. This will require one week in the hospital and then several weeks at home in bed. So right now until the surgery date I just have to hang in there and keep hydrated. I've had to postpone another class, leaving me with two now, and I haven't been to work in two weeks.

I also made an unpleasant discovery today: at some point recently the company that makes Ensure, my only source of nutrition lately, began adding whey to the formula and this has been the source of my continued worsening condition. I can't digest milk products when I'm healthy, let alone when I'm all messed up inside.

On the bright side, I never liked Ensure anyways. Good riddance.