As of this writing, pagh has been succeeded by taD as the Beginner's Grammarian.

It should also be noted that Qanqor was never Beginner's Grammarian; his title is simply "Grammarian", a title I (Seqram) also share. The office of Beginner's Grammarian was added later, on the mailing list. The history listed above is not quite correct either; other holders of the office include trI'Qal and yoDtargh.

Oh, pagh also the Klingon word for "zero" or "nothing" or "nobody." This fact causes no end of confusion in speaking about the person. Rather like the famous story of Odysseus/Ulysses, when he told Polyphemos that his name was "Nobody" ("outis" in Greek).

I think it's also used in Star Trek as the Bajoran word for something like "soul" or "spirit," though it's pronounced with the -gh silent.