An unique and original little strategy game for DOS, Linux and Windows. You control a group of units that fight against other players' units. Doesn't sound original this far? Actually, you control a cursor that all of your units always try to follow, the units are just pixels, and there are hundreds of them. If a unit bumps into an enemy, it attacks. If a unit bumps into a friendly unit, it heals it. Very simple, but in practice, it requires careful (but quick) thinking (surrounding the enemy units is the best tactic), especially since the mass of units are quite hard to control in bigger levels. The levels are just simple mazes and the graphics and sounds are horrible, but the concept is so unique, yet so simple, that Liquid War is great entertainment especially with 6 human players. It's also free and a small download, so I recommend it for (almost) anyone. The home page can be found at