Woob are (were?) an 'alternative' music outfit composed entirely of Paul Frankland and his ambient imagination. He is on the em:t label and is, as my friend Ralph put it, 'the pick of the bunch' - Woob's album 1194 is one of the masterpieces of the ambient genre, and there isn't really anything to compare it to except Aphex Twin for the depth and flavor of the sounds. That's where the comparison ends though, because where Aphex Twin is hard-edged and crisp and futuristic, Woob is mordant and resonant and natural, full of deep woodwinds and ethnic instruments, slow breakbeats, and long interludes of almost-silence that, if you turn up your volume, you find to be filled with subliminal noises, voices in the distance, tiny drumtaps, wind sounds.

Frankland first appeared ont he scene at a Future Music talent competition in London's Wembley Arena. He didn't win, but his demo tape was highly praised, and ended up being passed through the hands of several journalists on the British music scene, and eventually ending up at em:t, who signed him. Frankland has also recorded as Journeyman under the NTone label.

As far as I know Woob is not making music any more, though I would be very pleased to hear otherwise.

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