Quotations from John Shelton Reed's 1986 essay "Dr. Bob's Unusual University" about the author's visit there.

"I'm told -- I hope it's true -- that Bob Jones women were forbidden to wear makeup until that became a mark of the counterculture, whereupon they were required to wear it. I do know that BJU now offers instruction in 'cosmetology.'"

"The university is justly proud of its museum of religious art...All of the art is old and European, which is to say Papist. Some of the martyrs depicted look even less comfortable than usual, which I attribute to their incongrous setting."

"Another {book found in the BJU bookstore}, called A Church Built On Sand, condemns the liberalism of the Southern Baptist Convention."

"I gather that the school did apply, unsuccessfully, for permission to arm its campus police with automatic weapons."