Jason Bradford Priestley was born on August 28th, 1969, a younger brother to Justine Priestley.

He is best known for his work on Beverly Hills, 90210, where he starred as Brandon 'B' Walsh, brother of Brenda Walsh and son of Jim and Cindy Walsh. Brandon was one of the main characters, but Jason chose to leave the show in 1998 to pursue other options including movie and producing deals. He has gone on to be moderately successful without the show.

Priestley enjoys playing hockey, as well as participating in motor racing. A long time NASCAR fan, Jason decided to get involved in 1997, driving for Kelley Racing. His first win was in 1998 in a Grand-Am race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. He was involved with Indy Racing's new Infiniti Pro Series, but faced a set-back in August 2002 when he was involved in a crash.

On a practice run in his Infiniti Pro Car #7, he hit a wall going 290km/h. He suffered a fractured spine, many broken bones, including his leg and a concussion. He has made a partial recovery, and doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery, but it will take many months in therapy.

Although not recovered completely, Priestly has decided to take a break from racing and pick up acting again. His latest work is Die, Mommy, Die, a movie that tries too hard to be funny. The plot basically is that an actress kills her husband in order to have a relationship with a much younger man, played by Priestley, and in turn her daughter tries to kill her. Although not the best work that I've ever seen Jason do, his new movie does show hope that there could be a Jason Priestley comeback in store.

Priestley recently reunited with his wife of nearly four years, Ashlee Peterson Priestley, and currently resides with her in California.