A distribution of the Linux Operating System. Developed by Red Hat, inc. By far the best of all of their previous distributions, RH 6.2 comes with a pre-compiled kernel of version 2.2.14. The kudzu hardware manager is great, and is very good at detecting and configuring new hardware. Comes standard with many desktop environments including (of course) KDE and Gnome. Red Hat is not the best of all distributions, but it is very easy to use. The X-based graphical installation is wonderful. Setup detects nearly any piece of supported hardware in the machine (including most monitors!) RPM (the Red Hat Package Manager) makes installing new software very easy as well.

Most people hate Red Hat's distributions, but if you are looking for a great, easy-to-use distribution, check out Red Hat Linux 6.2 (But we all know Slackware reigns supreme!)