Each line has been piped to a translation, just in case you don't remember your prayers.

Atta unsar þu in himinam,
weihnai namo þein.
qimai þiudinassus þeins.
wairþai wilja þeins,
swe in himina jah ana airþai.
hlaif unsarana þana sinteinan
gif uns himma daga.
jah aflet uns þatei skulans sijaima,
swaswe jah weis afletun
þaim skulam unsaraim.
jah ni briggais uns in fraistubnjai,
ak lausei uns af þamma ubilin;
unte þeine ist þiudangardi
jah mahts jah wulþus in aiwins.

For a sense of the very loose word order that was possible since Gothic was a synthetic language (understanding in Gothic was based on inflection--cases, verb endings, etc--instead of word order), here's a word-by-word translation:

Father ours, thou in heaven
be hallowed name thine
come kingdom thine
be done will thine
as in heaven also on earth.
bread ours the daily
give us this day.
and forgive us that guilty we are
as also we forgive
the guilty ones ours
and not bring us into temptation
but deliver us from the evil;
for thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory in eternity.