Todays bullshit daylog is brought to you by the letter A. And then B,S,O,L,U,T,E,L,Y. Followed immediately by F,U,M,I,N,G.

Two things are true. Well, more than that in the grand scheme of things, but at LEAST two things, I suppose.
1) I am a very sentimental person. I attach a lot to normal run of the mill objects, let alone things that a regular person would get attached to.
2) I'm extremely tight for cash right now. I wont say poor, because my bank actually has plenty in it, but unfortunately it's all earmarked for future rent and bills and travelling.

Both these factors combine to make me so goddamn LIVID that my housemate and supposed friend has stolen from me. The item stolen was a hoodie that I got while working in New York post Hurricane Sandy. Very sentimental, very irreplaceable, and also one of only two hoodies I possess.

If you could make it worse than that, he actually already has three of the exact same hoodie, and there is no way mine would have fit him. So why would he steal it? To give to his girlfriend, of course. He claims it shrunk in the wash. I fail to see how you can shrink a normal cotton blend hoodie from XL to S, but clearly his knowledge of laundry is far greater than mine.