2011-11-09 01:42 UTC

I recently spent several hours learning and entering my calendar entries into Google Calendar for use in my Motorola Flipout but what was taking up most of the time was trying to figure out how I can sync calendars from multiple Google accounts on the same device. I don't know if this is an issue on newer Android devices, say those running an OS beyond version 2.1. It's very irritating that by default, my device syncs only the calendar associated with the account I first specified at device set-up time. A workaround I figured out was sharing and giving full access to the calendar I want to use with the 2nd Google account. This made my entries appear fine except holidays. The holidays shown in the device still matched the 2nd account's settings. My solution for that was changing the holiday settings in that account from my PC. Everything shows up fine now. I can enter, change, and delete calendar entries from either the phone or PC and the calendar updates within seconds. I do wonder how much bandwidth Android uses for calendar and contacts updates, considering the OS likely syncs everything up every time one reconnects to the Internet. I'm a BlackBerry user and still do a lot of things off-line and not via cloud computing. As I do travel from time to time and don't always have access to a local SIM, or using one may be expensive, I can end up roaming, and would have to keep an eye on exactly how much bandwidth is being used. Thankfully, Android does let me choose what to sync, and I believe has settings so the phone can sync only when using WiFi.

I started looking around for lesbian erotica but am wondering which are some really good lesbian romance or erotic films besides Fucking Åmål - specifically stuff that's not hardcore porn. For some reason, I don't like seeing men being intimate or romantic to women. I prefer seeing only women expressing their love for each other.

Fell into the trap of Assuming People On The Internet Are Like You, yesterday. Said a bunch of things, things I meant wholeheartedly and positively, and (I now realize) didn't stop to consider that I might not have all the information about the situation. Realized, after the fact and after a hint the size of a large brick thrown at my head, what had happened.

Apologized as best I was able, but realized also that 'I didn't know' is only a partially effective excuse, if even that. It really is a two-part explanation, to wit: "I didn't know and I didn't stop to think that it was a possibility." While I couldn't really have tried to find out, because trying to find out is nosy, the very fact I didn't should have tipped me to think 'mmmmmaybe' and moderated my approach.

But it didn't.

Anyway, this is what happens in this age of instant and entirely context-free communication. Back in the day (hahaha I'm old) there were certain assumptions you could make about people just based on the fact that they were on this Internet thing with you. I'm realizing that yes, the world has turned and that's no longer true, and I need to stop acting like it is.

Which Has Greater Wealth Inequality: The United States of America or Everything2?

If you have been paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement at all, you will no doubt have heard the somewhat shocking fact that in the United States in 2010, the wealthiest 1% of Americans controlled approximately 40% of all the wealth in the US. It was primarily this fact that spawned the slogan "We are the 99%," which emphasizes this gap between the wealthiest 1% and most of the rest of America.

With this context in mind, I decided to run some statistics and see what wealth equality or inequality is like here on Everything2, in terms of our local currency, GP.

As of this writing, there are 1159 E2 users in possession of at least 1 GP . Of these 1159 users, 106, or nearly 10 percent, have 1 GP and 1 GP only, and 580 users--the bottom 50%--each have 14 GP or less.

Meanwhile, the richest 1%--a total of just 11 Everything2 users--control an incredible 345,635 GP between them, or an average of 31,421 GP each.

With a 775141 total GP in circulation as of this writing, this means that the richest 1% of Everything2 users control over 44% of all the wealth on E2. In other words, Everything2 seems to have slightly greater wealth inequality than the US of A.

However, there are a couple of ways in which the wealth situation on E2 is vastly superior to that of the United States.

First of all, wealth inequality on E2 is rapidly decreasing. In December, 2008--just 3 years ago--the wealthiest 11 users controlled over 80% of the GP wealth on Everything2, compared to 44% today. This is a very different trend from the USA, where the wealth gap has been steadily increasing since the 1970s.

Second of all, unlike the real world, which has trust-fund babies like Paris Hilton and vast differences in compensation based on profession, as exemplified by the monstrous annual bonuses "earned" by Wall Street executives, most wealth on E2 is gained through actual effort and hard work and is gained at the same rate of compensation by all. Most of the richest E2 users gained their wealth through massive amounts of voting on writeups, which is generally the surest and fastest method to gain GP on E2. Although there are a few shortcuts to GP wealth, such as blessings from administrators, even these GP grants are almost always awarded for feats of meritorious service open to all users, such as participating in E2 Quests.

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