Damn. No dictionary.com entry. You know, I can't decide if this term is more ghostly or ghastly. Let me take a shot at it...

Nowadays, folk feel the need to declare their sexual orientation (yay! a "sexual"-prefixed word that has a solid definition!) to the public. Why? Maybe it increases the chances of finding other folk with identical identity. Or opposite identity. I still don't get where that opposites attract thing came from (magnets my ass!).

Oh here we go! I found a definition.

"An inner sense of one's self as a sexual being, including how one identifies in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation." (http://www.noah.cuny.edu/sexuality/siecus/fact3.html I guess)

Oh my god. I have no sexual identity! Let me explain.

Before I start, I'd like to note that that definition is from the Sexuality Information and Eduation Council of the United States. So it's a good definition. They know about these things.

I have no sense of inner self. Of any kind. I find things like that a bit floaty and I can't be floating around (no I'm not gay bashing; shut up). I don't have an inner self. I have a self. That's it; sorry to disappoint, what with my lack of selves. Allow me to trod on.

I don't identify in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation. I identify myself and others in much more important and simpler ways:
  1. Intelligence.
  2. Interestingness.
  3. Hilarity.
  4. Proper fucking English.
  5. Niceties and the acceptance of their necessity.
  6. Lack of crimped hair.
  7. Hot Ass (yeah, guys too).
Now why do I identify folk this way? Because this is what matters to me concerning them in my everyday life. The simple fact that my friend Johnny fucks my other friend Jimmy simply does not matter unless they're trying to fuck me. In such a case, I would have to evaluate their asses.

So what point am I reiterating that I've already stated somewhere in this ocean of Perl known as Everything?

There are an array of things about people that do not matter for a certain level of involvement with said people. Age. Ethnicity or Race(or whatever the fuck else shallow and unimportant pile of shit skin color-based fucking divider you people could ever come up with. And another note; there is only one race. The human race... blah blah). Gender. Sexual Orientation. Sexual Preference. Sexual Anything (once again, if you're not getting with them). Wealth. Please, people. Let's focus. Just one time. We are one.

Thank you for listening, and good night.