It is a almost random (if looked at from nature's point of view) display of symbols (which we like to call letters) that represent a spoken version of an idea. Are ideas abstract, or can they have form?

Sure, everything comes from an idea, really, but is it an idea, or is it the result of the execution of an idea, and therefore only somewhat representative of the actual original idea?

Words. Words are only a verbal execution of thought. Because of space restraints and lack of memory, we now have writing. Writing is even further from an idea. It's all abstract. There is no such thing as a word. If there were, then there would only be one language. All the components of that language would be a word.

What we have is variables, because they change from language to language. And what if there were still no writing? People would have much better memories. It's only a logical sense of evolution. If you need to remember more, you remember more. And what if there were no words to express verbally? Would we all be trapped inside our own heads (how I feel much of the time)? Would the world be more interesting or less?

(Also, um, just a note. This node's title has no period. Um, that's grounds for not being a sentence)