In their most intellectual form, all things are Art.

In their most practical form, all things are Science.

In this statement, I am taking the term Science to mean a process of following a set of predetermined guides in order to acheive a result. An Art, by contrast, takes the power of metaphor and independent thought inherent in the human mind to bear in order to create something.

A model, assembled from a kit by following a detailed list of instructions is not a work of art. That is not to say it is not something to be proud of -- and indeed the directions always need some degree of interpretation, substitution, etc -- which could be construed as Art. In other words, anything that could be theoretically done by a computer, given enough time, is a science rather than an art.

The greatest of scientists and mathematicians, the ones who come up with comepletely novel approaches to problems are truly artists. But the rest are mere scientists, following rules discovered by greater minds in an attempt to be like them.