I always hate thinking about possibilities involving duplication of consciousness. The story above would be similar to someone doing an upload of their consciousness, waking up still in their body, and hearing a voice from the computer go "It worked! Now, destroy the original."

If a consciousness were to fork, then you have to treat each one equally. Otherwise it's murder, and it's unfair to the consciousness that must be killed.

The toughest part is thinking about being forked myself. I close my eyes, then something happens, then when I awake, I'll only be in one of the two places afterwards. To an outside observer, there are two copies of me. But subjectively, I can't be both. Each one can be me, but I'll only experience life from one. It doesn't matter if the other one is still technically me, from my own view it's not me, since I'm not inhabiting that form.

It's such a messy area, it hurts my head when I think about it.

See: pattern identity theory for one idea.