I suppose in time this will wbe one of those days I look back at and find amusing, but at the moment it's my living hell so take a seat and enjoy the smell of burning sulphur.

Most of the time when someone explains they're having a bad day it's assumed things went wrong from from breakfast time onwards. Fate seems to want to maximise my torture by taunting me from 1am in the morning.

Sitting around in front of the computer with nothing better to do at such an unsociable hour and the phone bleeps. Assuming (correctly, of course) that this is a message from a girl who I had placed my trust in and tried to do the right thing for at all times and cared about deeply I read the message and answered.

Not good... not good at all.

Being a sandwich year student I need to relocate for a year to find a quality job. I have a place in mind and am currently awaiting results of the interview (which i am very confident about). She was (24 hours ago at least) very happy for me and looking forward to visiting me in my new locale. but not now....

I stand accused of not being around enough and am informed that it's either her or the job and seeing as i've gone for the job she can never see me again.

One cowardly little SMS message at a time she assumed i'd be sleeping so I wouldn't even respond. Is that what I'm worth in the end? And why the complete and total reversal of everything she's ever said over the last month?

I feel like shit. I feel like i've been lied to and absolutely numb.

All I can think of at this point is getting that job, getting the hell out of this city which i've been trapped in for the last 20 years and getting things straight. As far as she is concerned I just hope she meets someone who gives the 'respect' she deserves.

Yes it hurt at first, but after a 13 hour drinking session with some of the best friends you can ask for giving moral support I couldn't give a fuck about her self-serving and petty ways.