Hope... What a terrible feeling. Some view hope as a treasured ideal that can never be taken away from us. I beg to differ. Hope in it self is just a marvelously crafed form of denial. We think of hope as a form of faith or a saving grace, "If I would have abandoned all hope then i might never had made it."

Hope is just an feeling thought up to help ease our minds. It is exactly the same as denial if one puts some thought into it. Hope is a sugar coated denial if that helps you better understand. We hope that a girl will like us, even though there is no chance in hell that she would give you the time of day. Therefore you are in denial about the obvious, you stand no chance at making it with her so why bother at all. But still, in the back of your head, you find your self thinking that you stand a chance.

The problem is that hope is almost a parasite in its own right. It bonds with us and it is almost impossible to shake off. We need hope, or we think that we need hope, and hope thrives off of us becuase we pass it on to others just like a parasitic disease or maybe a virus. Considering that viruses are spred easily and can't be cured only suppressed. No matter what the odds, we as humans always HOPE for the best. 1:1,000,000 odds and we still think that we have a chance. Who are we kidding? In the end we are just hidding ourselves from an inevitable hurt.

So the next time you are faced with a problem, try to understand where i am coming from with this. For some my Theory of Hope as denial is hard to swallow, but give it time and that right moment of utmost despair and then you'll understand.