Tyr was a highly praised Norse god of war and justice. He probably ranked close to Thor and Odin in terms of his importance and popularity. He was known for his courageousness, a trait that was highly valued in the culture of the time. His right hand was taken by the Fenris wolf as he was the only god who was courageous enough to attempt to capture the wolf. Tyr is also blind, so that he cannot be decieved by his eyes.

Tyr also had a large part in war. Men prayed to him for victory. To be looked upon fondly by Tyr was to have great success in battle.

The Fenris Wolf which Tyr had to contain was born from Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The wolf was uncontrollable and destructive, and none of the gods were brave enough to face the beast. The gods constructed a binding after another as a means to capture the wolf, neither of which withstood its strength. The third fetter was crafted by the dwarves, who were known for their craftsmanship. This enchanted band, known as Gleipnir, was thin and smooth, but very strong. When they brought Gleipnir to the Fenris Wolf, he suspected the ribbon-like chain was magic and would not let the gods bind him with it. However, the gods managed a bargain: that Fenris would allow himself to be bonded as a challenge, but only if a god placed his hand in his mouth as he tried to free himself. Tyr courageously accepted. The wolf could not escape, but in his endeavour, he bit off Tyr's right hand.

There is thought to be much symbolism in Tyr losing his right hand. This was the hand that was used when making a pledge which may be why he put this hand in the wolf's mouth. He may also have chosen his right hand to show that he held no weapons. Shaking hands was also a gesture performed with the right hand.

Tyr may have had a son named Torm, whose true origins are unknown. It is possible that Torm is the incarnation of Tyr's severed hand.

When Ragnarok approaches, Tyr is destined to slay Garm, the hound of Hel, and then die from wounds of the battle. Our Tuesday(Tyrsday) is named after him.