Man, have I been drinking a lot of wine lately. This after I resolved to go the cheap route for a while. Oh well, this latest Chianti Classico was only about $12, and I content myself with the fact that I probably spend a lot less on wine than the average smoker spends on lighting up. Not much of a consolation, really, but you gotta believe in somethin'.

I liked this wine. The Wine Spectator, however, hated it, giving it a grade of 80 (the equivalent of saying you'd be better off fermenting the water that collects in the bottom of your refrigerator's lettuce crisper than drinking this swill). I have certainly disagreed with them on many occasions, but this is a really big gap. Maybe they got a bad bottle.

Anyway, the wine was a nice, dark, garnet red with few traces of blue at the edges. The aroma was light on the fruit, offering some cherry, but heavy in general...a prelude to the wine's tannins. The taste was nice and smooth, not too acidic but showing a lot of backbone thanks to the tannins. I think they tended to obscure the wine's fruitiness, which maybe was a major flaw the Wine Spectator's reviewers couldn't work past. I look forward to the rest of the bottle.

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