I was traveling home last night after an especially grueling and dry lecture about tempo, beat, and pitch when I saw the Giant poster. My SO had picked me up from outside my office after she had completed her ballet class, and so I was not driving. Normally I do most of the driving, it has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with my fear of her driving.
Since I wasn’t driving this eve I was free to let my mind wander about how displeased I was with the lecture I had just sat through. While sitting at a red light I happened to glance at the abandoned gas station on the corner. Featured prominently on one graffiti splattered wall was a large Obey Giant poster.
All at once I became excited and fairly incoherent. I was viciously stabbing my pointing finger and saying things like, “Giant! It’s the Obey Giant! See the Giant, on the wall, the giant on the wall. Over there, were there’s no gas. The Giant! On Everything, I saw the Giant.. and now here, it’s real. See the Giant!”
I had seen Obey Giant on Templeton’s home node and followed the link from there to the Obey Giant web site. I’m still not sure what it’s all about. After all, who really understands art other than the artist? I did know that it featured the likeness of the beloved Andre the Giant. I liked it. It reminded me a little of that o so wonderful film , “They Live”, starring another wrestling favorite, Rowdy Roddy Piper. But I digress.
I was excited about the poster, but it was more than that. I was excited that Everything had managed to somehow flow over into my real life. I was so excited that my mind had temporarily lost the communications function that I so desperately needed to convey said excitement to my SO.
I had become a distraction to her, and she mistook the green turn arrow for a regular green light. I was forced to engage my brain so that I might stop her from plunging us to our impending doom. After the accident was avoided and she calmed down, she insisted that I explain to her, “What the hell I was babbling about.”
This was an understandably difficult task. She has never really understood what Everything was. She constantly refers to it as “That Thing”, and to the citizens here as my “little online friends.” The matter was further complicated by Andre himself. It turns out she is too young to remember him as a wrestler, and didn't really know who he was.
She finally made the connection when I explained that he had been in “The Princess Bride.” Even then she seemed confused by my excitement and the Giant’s connection to E2. Long minutes of conversation brought her no closer to understanding. She finally ended the explanation by confessing to me that she believed I was insane. I think she’s just jealous of the time I devote to E2. For more info on the Giant Expereince visit: www.obeygiant.com.