Developed by confectioner and entrepreneur David L. Clark as a cheap candy for sale to the American troops overseas during World War II. The Clark Bar was well received by the troops and earned the same market surge potential as other troops products such as Spam and Lucky strike. During the early part of the twentieth century the five cent Clark Bar was a staple of the chocolate lovers diet. Since the 1950's, when the Clark family gave up interest, the D.L Clark Company has gone through several sales both in America and abroad, often making it difficult to find the confection. The Clark property has most recently been purchased by the New England Confectionary Company in 1999 and has promised to produce the same quality product first manufactured by D.L Clark himself. Ohh! you wanted to know what kind of candy bar it is? A Clark Bar has a crunchy Peanut Butter center covered in a rich chocolaty coating. The manufacturer claims that the peanut butter is homemade and that this is the reason for its yumminess.