Crunchy flat candy disks made by Necco. They come in rolls of about 30 wafers (which are about 2 millimeters thick and maybe 3 centimeters in diameter), and are packed with a bit of flour to keep them from sticking together. They come in two kinds: chocolate and assorted. I recommend the chocolate; they're uniformly delicious. The assorted flavours are roughly the same colour/taste as candy hearts (the heart shaped ones, not the sour Sweethearts or cinnamon hearts), which is to say: black is really gross (I love liquorice, but these taste like those soap candies that elderly ladies seem to carry around); white and pink are cinnamon-y; yellow, orange and green are vaguely fruity, and the best tasting of the bunch, and the rare brown one is of course chocolate flavoured.

Candy discs rumored to be indistinguishable from United States quarters (US$0.25 coins) by the mechanical coin counters deployed by the Illinois Tollway Authority. It is said that one could throw two Necco Wafers into the basket of an toll plaza's automatic lanes, and the gate would rise as if you'd thrown in fifty cents. If this ever did work, it should now be avoided. These toll collection baskets have always had windows to allow walking toll-takers to verify someone had thrown in the correct toll if the gate did not open. In recent years, video cameras have been installed to catch toll violators, and they include a view of these windows. Throw wafers in now and you'll shortly receive a mobile visit from the Illinois State Police.

These little things can be entirely too difficult to find outside of the US, but here in Canada I've found a handful of novelty candy stores who stock them, albeit at a staggering mark up ($1.69 Canadian a roll, last check). They can be worth it tho', if you get the right combination of flavours, a thing which hasn't seem to be properly mentioned on here. They are, and always have been:
purple: clove
pink: wintergreen
white: cinnamon
green: lime
orange: orange
yellow: lemon
brown: chocolate
black: licorice

I have to agree that the chocolate ones are the best, but they're all good. Except the black ones. Even the clove one, which has raised a few eyebrows, I don't mind.

Also, apparently, in dry weather and in the dark, when you snap a wintergreen one in half it makes a spark. Yet to see this happen, but even, where the above flavours came from, verifies it.

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