Palindrome is a character in skits performed by the singing cowboy group, Riders in the Sky, and played by group member Too Slim. His "real" name is Otto Bob Otto, and he only speaks in palindromes. The theme song for the skit is a parody of the theme to the old Western TV series, Have Gun, Will Travel, whose protagonist went by the moniker of Paladin.

Example dialogue:

Woman: (played by another Rider, in falsetto) Oh, Palindrome, I brought you some of my special Chinese soup!
Palindrome: Wonton? Not now!

Bar Patron: Why does that gunslinger have two heads?
Palindrome: Neil, an alien.

Woman: Oh, Palindrome, do you think you'll ever be on TV?
Palindrome: I, madam, I made radio. So I dared--am I mad, am I?