I'm breaking my self-imposed daylog ban, but since I have to get the accident info in writing anyway, I might as well put it here.

So at 10:20 PM last night, I was driving north on Route 110 in Farmingdale in the left lane.  At the corner of 100 and Smith Street, the SUV in front of me got cut off by a car who decided to make a left turn from the middle lane.  The SUV was able to stop in time, but I wasn't and I rear-ended the SUV...I was going 30 MPH in the beginning, was able to slow down to 15 MPH or so before impact.

The guy was nice enough...after making sure we were both alright, we pulled into the Hess station next to the intersection and calmly exchanged insurance info.  Much better than having a mother screaming at me with four small children crying hysterically like the last time I got into an accident (four years ago).

My front lights are all smashed and the front of the hood is banged downward, so I can't pop it open to see underneath.  Luckily, it doesn't look like there's any engine damage.  Ironically, because I hit an SUV, the damage is higher and the bumper is completely pristine.  The SUV has minor scratches to his trunk door and bumper, and that's about it.  The car who swerved gets away scot-free, since he was never impacted.

I called my parents up; we decided the car was in good enough condition to try to drive it home.  So, we drove home with my dad driving my car with the blinkers on, my mom following directly behind.  The car was driving fine, which is a good sign at least.

Got a ride into work today, bringing the car in later to get an estimate.  I also have to call the guy I hit up to see if he's filing a claim or not.

Not what I needed today. At this point I'm just glad no one was hurt.