Originally this was it's own node, but it got killed because it's noding about noding. Still a good thought, I believe. I swear tho, it seems like these editors/gods are out to get me sometimes.

People Downvote what they don't like (idea)

It's true. Everyone does it, or has done it, or will do it. Even I have done it, so while it might seem hypocritical that I'm writing this, I don't care.

But to me it just seems like more people downvote writeups that they don't agree with, rather than on if the writeup contributes something or is grammatically (in)correct or what have you. Far be it from me to try to impose anything, but I always try to vote (up or down) based on what the writeup offers rather than if I agree or disagree with the writeup in question. Personally I wish more people would vote this way, but I am just a lowly noder, so what do I know? ;)