It was winter, and I was part of a group in second world war.. We had set small explosives around a large boulder next to railway. We were already leaving the area when I remembered that one tall man of the group had done something suspicious, so I told we should go back. Everyone thought I was just paranoid, but I managed to convince them that it wont be too much work to go back and see if I'm right. When we skied to the boulder, I pointed them that explosive sockets were all empty. They didnt know what to do, but I saw the train already approaching. It was a bright red steam engine with one red railway car behind it. Others tried to push the boulder to the track, but I knew it would be too late so I took a grapling hook from my backpack and turned my skies to the direction the train was going. I spun the hook, and when the train came close enough, I threw the hook between some bars at the end of the car. I held tightly from the rope, but because the train was going so fast, my speed increased slowly while my gloves smouldered from the friction of the rope zipping through them. I had taken some speed, and when the knot at the end of the rope struck my hands, nearly tripping me over, I reached the speed of the train. I started pulling myself closer to the train, and when I got to the grapling hook at the end of the rope I pulled someway away from the train and rammed back against it, throwing myself on the level behind the door. My right ski hit the ground and breaked off my shoe with loud crack, quickly left behind. I took off my left ski as well, and kicked the door open.

Inside the car there were lines of seats with people those were scared by my appearing, and the tall man that had betrayed us stood up from the opposite end of the car. He showed his teeth as he walked towards me, wielded a knife and when he suddenly rushed at me, I rushed back against him. He tried to hit me, but I ducked and struck him into stomach with full speed, throwing him over me and on his back to the floor. He grunted and reached for his knife that had fallen someway from him, but I jumped over his leg and kicked him into armpit, making him pull his disabled arm back in pain. The train was going towards soviet union, so I grabbed the knife and rushed through the car to the train. Strangely, there were no one in the train, so I tried to find the brake switch as soon as possible. While looking for it, the tall man suprised me from behind and strangled me against the controls of the train, but I hit him on the arm I had kicked. He shouted in pain, but only got angrier about it, so I switched the knife to my right hand and struck that on his side. He shouted again and his grip got loose enough for me to slip away. I held the knife with both hands and thrusted it into his stomach, and while he grabbed the knife to pull it away, I tackled him. He fell on the floor, his head in the opening between train and the car, and I pushed my foot against his chest, sliding him further down towards the track. He begged for me while trying to grab something, but I got him under the train, chrushing him by the wheels of the car. I got the train to stop, and woke up.