I had a room in a large building, and in the same room lived my roommate, who looked like Stanley Tweedle. He had large stereo equipment, but I was more interested in old fabric-machine which some other inhabitant of the house told us to lift high on its metal legs. My roommate wondered what was so interesting about the old machine, but I told that we're working on building something robotic out of it. The roommate left somewhere, and because I remembered this old house from somewhere, I decided to check the secret door behind a closet, but as I reached the door, I sensed something funny going on. I opened the door anyway, and stepped into an old-furnitured bedroom that seemed to have been out of use for many years. I felt dizzy, and as I looked out from the windows, it looked like the house would be waving from side to side. I staggered as holding my balance became harder, but I still decided to find out what was in the adjacent room of the bedroom now that I had gotten this far. I staggered into a small kitchen, also old fashioned and out of use for long time, but by the time I felt like the whole house was falling over, horizon bouncing up and down in the windows of the kitchen. I had to lean against walls to get out from the secret rooms, and the balance disruptions seemed to end as I got out from them. Later in the dream the old fabric-machine had been modified further and moved downstairs, where some visitors wondered about the music it was making. It was now named Cerebro, and it used strings like punch-cards of the old computers, reading several strings at the same time. One woman liked the machine a lot, but I somehow found out that she was going to sabotage it, and possibly its creators too. As she noticed that I knew too much, she came after me, and I managed to lure her into an empty storage room, in which I opened a round palm-sized metal capsule. The capsule broke into two parts with long metal spikes coming from them, and leather straps below them, allowing me to use them like claws of Wolverine. I defeated the saboteur, but I dont remember anything for a while..

Later the Cerebro was moved upstairs again, and the room downstairs where it had been was now used as a disco. The stereo equipment of my roommate provided music, and the Cerebro was wired to move the lights and create holograpic projections to the dance floor. After party was over, guests left the house with cool american cars, and I wondered if I should change my car into something cool as well. I went to sleep for the day, and slept untill the next morning..

In the next morning, I started making a new kind of bomb. I put a motorbike battery and a spark plug in a metal box, and as I started filling the box with gunpowder, one of the inhabitants of the house came down to the kitchen I was working in. She was scared of the bomb, even though I showed her that there was a switch for arming it safely. My roommate got downstairs to the kitchen as I finished the bomb, but I woke up before I could blow it..