I prepared for the night by playing Inherit The Earth, and it really paid off! Most of the dream was unclear, but at least I got to bed with a beautiful vixen, who reminded me about the High Ones from Elf-Quest. In her bedroom there was nice, soft music that she told to calm the rhythms of heart, and it really seemed to work too. Anyway, she gave me a blowjob, which felt extremely good with her long muzzle, but I dont know what happened after that..

I woke up alone in the strange bedroom, but after a while I remembered where I was, though the vixen wasnt there anymore. I wondered where she had gone so I dressed up and walked out from the bedroom door. I met a little fox girl outside the room and asked her about the adult vixen, and her answer was "We're all children here! Age doesnt matter!". I thought she was just playing with me, but a teenage vixen came in and asked who I was looking for. I realized that what the little girl meant was that everyone was playfull no matter what age, and woke up.