I had a very strange night , one of those roll around and sleep for an hour nights. And I had a dream marginally related to E2.

I was in an airport, just arriving in a new place. The airport was your typical generic sterile and godless place, the same the world over. So no real clues as to where I was. I wandered down the corridor to a large crowd of people, but they where all silent. I knew someone would be waiting for me, but I didn't know who. I was drifting like an amnesiac. The crowd was a faceless mass, all people but nobody I knew. The lack of sound was disturbing. It was like watching a television with the sound off.

I stood lost at the rope barrier, looking into the crowd of strange silent people, all moving at a faster speed than I was. Then I saw who was waiting for me. She drifted across the crowd like a ghost, passing through the crowd, but not walking around them. It was like she was insubstantial, ethereal. My eyes felt betrayed and confused. Her face was shifting into various vaguely familiar forms, but I couldn't look at her. I stared down at my own hands, as the closer she got, the more I couldn't make sense of what I was seeing. Then I noticed I was made of the same gossamer.

We were ghosts, meeting in a airport arrivals lane.

She touched my face, stoking my cheek like a mother soothing a child, and I opened my mouth to speak, to ask what it was all about.

Then I woke up, twisted and wound in the bedsheets, heart beating too fast. I almost recognized her face.

Is it an everything dream if it just involves noders, not noding?

thefez is some sort of lord of the underworld. He, of course, doesn't look like he does in this world; instead, he's some giant Pink Panther look alike. It is my Marioesque mission to defeat him. A battle ensues, which mostly involves me knocking fez down. Eventually, I win -- but there are casualties. ideath has been mortally wounded. She insists on not going to a hospital, and dies.

I'm not sure if this was some sort of conscious decision on my part, but I think I may have decided that's not what I wanted to happen in this dream, so...

I defeat thefez again. I find ideath has been wounded again, so I tell her to keep pressure on the wound (it's a little cut on her hand, but for some reason this is deadly serious); I half carry her around, searching for a hospital. She's getting progressively worse, and I'm asking everyone where the hospital is. Finally, I find it, and ideath is treated just in time. She's fine, and I'm ecstatic. We walk towards the exit, and see stand/alone/bitch with some other random people; they are all dressed in black flowing robes. We are excited to see her, and she doesn't seem to flee or anything (which surprised me at the time). We talk for a short time, but I have to go. ideath tells me she doesn't want to go with me -- she'd rather stay with these folks.

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