Reason is the name of a monthly magazine published by the Reason Foundation. The front cover of every issue claims it to be the magazine of Free Minds and Free Markets. Though not officially affiliated with the Libertarian Party, articles in Reason typically cater to a Libertarian world view and frequently concern Libertarian issues such as drug legalization, abortion, gay marriage, and laissez faire economics.

The first issue was as a student publication at Boston University by Lanny Friedlander in 1968. In 1971, contributors Bob Poole, Tibor Machan, and Manny Klausner bought the magazine and moved operations to Santa Barbara, California. In 1978, the Reason Foundation formed to publish the magazine and to serve as a think tank focused on privatization and deregulatory economic principles. In 1986, the Reason Foundation moved its offices to Los Angeles.

Reason has been endorsed by such varied individuals as Rush Limbaugh and Milton Friedman. The magazine has a self-estimated circulation of 60,000 issues per month with an average of 2.44 readers per issue. In addition, Reason has won several awards including being named as one of the "50 best magazines" by the Chicago Tribune.