"The album cover has been in the back of my mind for two years. There is a feel to it. Holding the cover and listening to the album is perfect." - Bono, just after Boy's release.

Boy is the title of U2's debut album. The songs were written when the band members were teens and so the themes of the album reflect the raw emotion of most teenage lives: confusion, love, anger, misplacement and acceptance. The album is highly energetic, insightful and emotional, but I have to admit that the lyrics are not the album's strongest feature. The band at this point has yet to reach the maturity they will eventually attain by the time they release The Joshua Tree six years later. The album was released by Island Records Inc in October of 1980, and the album's producer was Steve Lillywhite. U2 recorded this album at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.

Boy's song list

  1. I will Follow
  2. Twilight
  3. Into the Heart
  4. Out of Control
  5. Stories for Boys
  6. The Ocean
  7. A Day Without Me
  8. Another Time, Another Place
  9. The Electric Co.
  10. Shadows and Tall Trees

The highest chart position for this album was number 52.
Into the Heart, Niall Stokes