Larry David stars as himself in this largely improvised series, airing on HBO in the U.S. and Showcase in Canada. Taking place in Los Angeles, where Larry lives with his wife Cheryl (played by Cheryl Hines), the show centers mostly around his experiences with the world around him. More often than not, his interactions with other people start out with little more than a disagreement or difference in opinion, and culminate in a shouting match or physical attack. It aired for the first time in 2000.

Now obviously, being the co-creator of the show about nothing, Larry David's antics will seem familiar to many, but he makes his adventures his own, and sets the show fairly far apart from Seinfeld, though there are similarities. One of the most prominent techniques used is the method of an event/joke that occurred at the start of the episode becoming important towards the end, long after you forgot about it.

Being both about Larry David and the characters he encounters, I should mention a few of the other puppets in this demented funhouse. First up is Larry's best friend and manager Jeff Greene (played by Jeff Garlin), who seems to get along with him most of the time, but they have their share of problems. I've mentioned his wife Cheryl David already. Ted Danson is in quite a few episodes. And occasionally Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Jason Alexander stops by. Larry is, after all, playing himself, so it's nearly required to have Seinfeld mentioned at least a few times. Most of the time though, the secondary character that is featured in each episode is unique to that one day. Again, you can see a glimpse of that show. Even so, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a very different experience. It is darker, more twisted, and of course ridden with profanity. All these features actually make it that much more enjoyable, and definitely worth watching if you like television.