Since the infamous Montreal screwjob, this angle has been rehashed many many times since, most recently as last night (5/29/01 for those who are reading after the fact) on WWF War Zone with Stone Cold Steve Austin getting the win in his WWF Championship defense against Chris Benoit by making him "submit" to his own hold. The circumstances that make this particular rehash stand out is that it was done, in Canada (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), right in front of the Hart family who were sitting at ringside. If there was any indication that Vince McMahon still has a grudge against Bret Hart and relishes in humiliating him and his family every chance he gets, this would definitely be it.

Then again, it could be a grand work on the part of McMahon and Bret on all the internet wrestling columnists. That would feed truth to the rumor that the whole Montreal incident was all a work, and if so, $$$! That means big money!