The "Gorilla Position" is a kind of on deck circle in professional wrestling.

It is just behind the curtain through which the wrestlers go through to go out onto the entrance ramp and to the ring.  They'll wait at that spot for their cues, talking with the sound guys to make sure their pyrotechnics are all ready to go and receiving last-minute instructions from the road agents.

There's usually one agent stationed there for the whole show--the position is in fact named after longtime World Wrestling Federation official Gorilla Monsoon, who manned the "Gorilla Position" for many years.

As of 1997, Bruce Pritchard was usually the Gorilla official for the WWF--he was there during The Montreal Incident, ready to give Jim Neidhart and Owen Hart their cue to go out to the ring (that never came).  I don't know if that's what Pritchard still does, but as he still works for the WWF, it's a good bet.

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