Creative show on the WB network that premiered in 1999, I believe. It centers around Sam McPherson and Brook McQueen, two teenage rivals in high school. Brook is the uberpopular chick with her friends Nicole Julian, Mary Cherry, Sugar Daddy, and her (sometimes) boyfriend Josh Ford, while Sam is unpopular with her friends Carmen Ferrera, Lily Esposito, and Harrison John. The show is a mix of dramedy. It has a unique way of presenting teenage issues and morals which few other shows have accomplished. The writers use extreme and unreal situations all the time, but it still relates to normal situations so that the viewer can relate the issue presented in the episode to reality.

My opinion? One of the best non-action shows on TV. Teaches great moral sense, and it's really funny at times, too. The acting is fantastic, and the cast is spectacular. :) *gives it 9 thumbs up*