Also, "kirin" is the Japanese word for giraffe.

Furthermore, Kirin is an esper in Final Fantasy 3 (Final Fantasy 6j). Here's his info:

The origin of Kirin : Chinese Mythology. A Kirin is an imaginary creature that is part horse and part dragon. The male is called "Ki", and the female is called "Rin". It is capable of flying and shooting sparks of lightning from its hooves. Kirin are considered good luck.

Effect of Esper Summon : Casts Regen on the party - Cost : 18 MP

Magic :

Cure, (x5), Recovers HP, 5
Cure 2, (x1), Recovers HP, 25
Regen, (x3), Gradually recovers HP, 10
Antdot, (x4), Cures poisoning, 3
Scan, (x5), Displays an enemy's HP/weak point, 3

Location: Zozo, after finding Terra and hearing about her past from Ramuh. (World of Balance)