An interocitor is a device featured on the 1955 classic SciFi film This Island Earth.

The creation of folks from the planet Metaluna, this device allows audio and visual communications over great distances. It has additional capabilities, such as having a laser system for offensive and defensive attacks.

The interocitor was used as a test puzzle in the movie. The device was sent out to the most brilliant minds of Earth in small pieces. Those who were able to assemble and operate the interocitor were invited to join an elite team working on a project for aliens from Metaluna.

After the device was assembled, the first thing the Metalunans did was to destroy the assembly manual using the laser feature. After contact was completed, the interocitor was also destroyed to prevent the technology from getting into the wrong hands.

     +                +   The + are lasers
      \              /
       \            /
        \          /  Viewscreen
         \        /
          \      /
           \    /
            \  /
       |            |
       |   O Dial   |
       |            |
       |            |Cabinet
       |            |