After I make a nice 20lb turkey in my behemoth Instant Pot clone, it's time to make some servings of turkey soup. I like it better than chicken soup.

First thing I do after removing the turkey and bones is to put the Instant Pot on slow cook for four hours. When that's done, I use a spoon and siphon off the half-inch of fats and oils on the top. Yup, I put it in a plastic dish and feed the possums.

Next, I add in a teaspoon of sea salt, a teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper (both to taste), two bay leaves, a half-teaspoon of poultry seasoning, and a few red pepper flakes. I restart the slow-cook mode for another four hours. About two hours in, I add three tablespoons of minced garlic and about two pounds of shredded turkey, usually the dark meat from the bottom end of the bird, legs, and wings. Sometimes I'll add in some minced turkey heart, liver, and a dash of Sriratcha.

When that's done, I'll add in one cup of pearl barkey, two cups of chopped onion, two cups of sliced carrot, and two cups of diced celery. Let that cook for two hours. The house will smell wonderful and the soup will be quite tasty. It stores well in the freezer after you chow down on a few hearty bowls.