La Quinta Inn and Suites is a North American chain of low-to-mid priced hotels. As with most chain hotels in this price category, some are well maintained and offer excellent value, others are dives akin to crack houses. The decor is a Spanish-styled hacienda look, and most have the common conveniences like HBO, flat screen TVs, and Internet access.

I stayed at a La Quinta in San Diego, California that was one of the good ones. They didn't offer a continental breakfast, but the room was clean and comfortable. The room had a large flat screen and a reasonable desk, and they offered free wifi access to the Internet.

I also stayed in a La Quinta near Allen, Texas that was the polar opposite. The sheets were stained with what looked like period blood. The doors had giant locks to keep the drug dealers out of the rooms. And yes, there were two sets of dealers in the parking lot, because both asked me if I was looking to score. The television was an old tube type literally chained to the wall. I ended up leaving early, having slept on the couch.

In this price range, I personally prefer Fairfield Inn, run by Marriott, and Hampton Inn. The Hampton Inn in the downtown tech area of Denver is especially nice, and they offer excellent service.

La Quinta has almost a thousand hotels under their brand. Most are corporate owned, and around 300 are franchised. While they don't typically offer dining services, they're usually located near a Denny's or Perkins for your elegant dining pleasure.

The first hotel in the chain started in the 1968 World's Fair in San Antonio, Texas. The chain corporate headquarters is still located there. 
If you decide to stay at one, make sure you check the reviews on Google.