Well, for those following the wanderings of WonkoDSane and radlab0, they made it to Colorado with no difficulties.

I got to meet their nifty black-and-white kitty and they met our menagerie of pets, ranging from Boris (who broke into the house in the morning, jumped up on their futon and started smooching on WDS. What is it with that guy, everyone wants to smooch him...) to Beaky the laughing parrot. Unfortunately, they met our rather stinky rabbits, whose cages should have been cleaned the morning before they arrived. I hope the fan we put in the room helped them breathe easier.

radlab0 and wonkodsane make such a cute couple. They even brought me a gift - a Star Wars lego kit that featured Luke Skywalker. "Not the wimpy Luke," said WDS. "It's the kick-ass version of Luke from Return of the Jedi!"

I hope you get the chance to meet them on their trek towards the Nashville, TN. I understand they're on the way to Kansas City for some Bar-B-Cue. If I found a foothold on their truck, I'd have tagged along.

In conclusion, I found out that everyone (and everything) wants to smooch WonkoDSane and that everyone who meets radlab0 has a crush on her. My son told me that she was "really really cute, she would be a cute girlfriend if she was eight years old".