Alan and I were walking through Dublin in the evening. We noticed that everyone was acting strangely; at first this didn't startle us, because we're used to taking walks at night when all the drunk people are out, singing and yelling obscenities at each other. But these people were very weird. We walked through Trinity, and crazed men and women were running and screaming into any building they were closest to. Vampires were chasing them, and they were trying to get inside because of the old myth: a vampire cannot enter a building without being invited. Alan and I were running towards the arts block, a male vampire in a black cape chasing after us. We almost made it, when Alan was grabbed away from me. I screamed his name and watched as the vampire flew to the roof of the building, biting a chunk off of Alan's neck. I couldn't watch anymore, and ran into the building.

Just then my best friend from America showed up in her car and tried to take me back home. Somehow, she accidentally drove her car into the Irish Sea, and we were left floating until we reached the shore. I was attacked by a shark during this time. It bit my leg, and I punched its teeth so hard that they flattened against its lips and it couldn't bite anymore. Then I grabbed its flesh and began ripping it apart, screaming and screaming. The dead shark's skin floated away from me as I reached the shore. Lori said, "The sharks are afraid to come to shore because of the vampires." I replied, "That doesn't make any sense."

There was a door on the beach, and when we opened it we ended up in Lori's house. Something was wrong with her house though - the floors were tilted so that when we walked across the room we were actually walking uphill. Her mom was talking about ordering some food, but I told her that all the delivery people would be vampires so it probably wouldn't be a good idea. I wanted to use their bathroom, but when I got in there I noticed that there were three toilets and all of the seats were glued shut. A girl came into the bathroom and smiled at me, then began to sew a dress together. I stayed in the bathroom with her for what seemed like an hour, just talking. I finally left when I heard that Lori was leaving, and asked her to take me into town with her. She had forgotten about the vampires, but I was still afraid.

We drove down Dame Street, approaching Trinity, when Lori's car door was suddenly yanked open and she struggled with a vampire. Her legs were flailing all over the place, so I stomped my foot onto the accelerator. This didn't really work the way I wanted it to, and Lori was ripped from the car. I didn't know what to do, so I drove until I got to the Stephen's Green Centre. I left the car in the car park and entered the mall. I was the only person inside. I finally realized that I would have to get out of there somehow. I went back to the car park just in time to see Lori get into her car. She had bright red hair now, and when she smiled at me I noticed that she had fangs. I ran after her, but she just drove off. I ran through the parking lot, trying to find a car with keys in the ignition. I found a car with a man and woman inside, and tried to break the window. It didn't work, so I just opened the door. The man, the driver, stared straight ahead. I asked him, "Are you a vampire?" and he turned and looked at me and said "Yes." I was so frustrated by this point that I got into the backseat of the car anyway, muttering, "Oh well. Fuck it then."

The driver was a handsome young man with dark hair, and the woman was older; she might have been his mother. They asked me where I wanted to go, and I asked if they knew where the Holiday Inn on Pearse Street is. The woman said, "We are .09 seconds away from the Orrs' house. Do you know them?" I said, "Yeh, I went to school with Nancy." They stopped at a house, and Nancy got into the car. She smiled at me. They all knew I was mortal, but they didn't try to turn me or feed on me. Nancy kept looking at me as if she was very attracted to me, and ended up placing her head on my shoulder. We drove around for hours; the driver told me all of the advantages of being a vampire, and Nancy explained how different it feels from being human. After all of this talking, I decided that I might as well become one of them. Nancy turned me.

When I finally got back home, Alan was there. He was a vampire as well. I asked him why he didn't come back for me, and he said that he was waiting until I made my decision. We hugged each other tightly and ran into our apartment before the sun rose.