AKA: 'Pirate Lord', 'Space Pirate King'

Atomsk is a character from the popular manga and anime series, 'Furi Kuri' (Also known as 'FLCL').


When you are a being so powerful, that you can get five finger discounts on whole planets, appearance isn't something you tend to care about. In fact, this guy doesn't care for clothes, he makes an effort to stand naked looking powerful in the wind (in the vacuum of space, of course). Also, the ablility to shape change and possess others doesn't help to categorize what you look like. However, Atomsk does seem to have vibrant, glowing red skin as a common trait. His 'true' form seems to be that of a anthropomorphic creature of the bird variety. In his more 'human' shape, he does sport flowing green hair. Atomsk has been known to appear in the form of others, two such cases exist; those ofNandaba Naota and Kanchi.

Friends and Family

None. Well, he is being sought after by the eccentric (to say the least) Haruhara Haruko (AKA: Rahal, Raharu). Although they are linked, whether this is a two-way romance or not, remains unknown. Kitsurubami (from The Fraternity: Interstellar Immigration division) is also impressed by the size of his guitar.

Weapon of Choice

Nothing would suit him better than his legendary 'Atomsk' Gibson EB-Zero: 1961.