I can see it all now:

  • Rebellious anarchist types, refusing to participate in the death corporation-dominated music scene, resolve to give money only to local singers and songwriters.
  • Singer/songwriter, eager to get her music to a wider audience, uses the money to record a demo tape.
  • Not being a corporate rock whore, she sends the tape only to enlightened indie labels with strong political convictions.
  • Singer/songwriter gets a recording contract with indie label. The rebellious anarchists rejoice.
  • As time passes, the singer/songwriter grows tired of preaching to the converted, that is, the same small crowd of rebellious anarchists who buy music from the indie label. She also longs for a day when she doesn't have to worry about whether she can pay the rent next month. Eventually she bids farewell to the indie label and goes to a major label.
  • Millions of people delight to the singer/songwriter's music. Her albums are displayed on the shelves at the Wherehouse. She gets a spot at Lilith Fair.
  • The rebellious anarchists abandon singer/songwriter en masse, bitterly complaining about how she sold out. Soon, flyers appear on phone poles advertising a coffee house gig by a local singer/songwriter nobody has ever heard of.
  • Repeat, ad infinitum.