Since the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain the band Nirvana no longer exists, but it is possible to reach the surviving members.

Drummer Dave Grohl can be reached by posting your message in the "Letters to the Band" section of the message boards at

Bassist Krist Novoselic is more elusive -- as of this writing his own Web site consists entirely of a tribute to deceased Beatles guitarist George Harrison, with no contact information or even any mention of Novoselic present.

If, as some maintain, it is possible to communicate with the spirits of the dead then frontman Kurt Cobain could conceivably be reached by one of the popular methods (ouija board, pop necromancers who appear on the Sci-Fi Channel, and so on.) The author cannot guarantee that an apparently successful effort will actually result in your reaching Cobain, as opposed to a malignant spirit intent on causing harm by impersonating the late singer. If you feel you must undertake this route, proceed with the utmost caution.