Horror movie from 1981 or 1982, depending on who you ask. Clint Howard plays a lower-class geek enrolled in a military school where every single person there, from the snotty rich-kid students to the school chaplain to the groundskeeper, torments him mercilessly. The tables turn when our hero finds an old book of black magic hidden in the chapel and figures out how to run the spells therein on his personal computer. Suddenly he's got a direct network connection to Hell, and a few keystrokes sends legions of demonic pigs out to disembowel his enemies. Yes, I said "demonic pigs".

In the end Clint flies around beheading people with a giant sword while things burst into flame around him, and everybody dies horrible deaths.

I've always suspected this film got made because someone thought a computer with a glowing pentagram on the screen would be a cool thing to have in a movie and they just built it up around that concept. I know that's why I rented it originally.