A fabulous book by Timothy Findley about the voyage of Noah's Ark, told mostly through the eyes of Mottyl, a blind cat.

Findley explores the reasons why evil persists in the world, even though the flood was to have wiped out everyone except the most good and pious.

In the book, Noah is a terrible man and Lucifer, in the form of a woman, is a good person who marries one of his sons.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those familiar with the historical tale. Be warned, however, that the novel is filled with disturbing imagery and causes one to question his faith (but blind faith is bad. Question everything!)

My copy published by Penguin Books in 1985 (ISBN 0-14-000306-X).

From the back of the book:

Not Wanted on the Voyage is the story of a great flood and the first time the world ended. It is a brilliant, unforgettable drama filled with an extraordinary cast of characters: the tyrannical Noah and his indomitable wife, Mrs Noyes; the aging and irritable Yaweh; Lucy (the enigmatic, disturbing woman who is not what she seems); Mottyl (Mrs Noyes's endearing talking cat); a chorus of singing sheep and a unicorn destined for a horrible death. With pathos and pageantry, desperation and hope, magic and mythology, Not Wanted on the Voyage weaves its unforgettable spell.