The Adam was a computer from CollecoVision. It was released somewhere in the early to mid eighties. While I can't vouch as too wether all of the systems were the same, mine still makes me get all misty-eyed. It used cassette tapes for storage and had no internal hard drive. I plugged into a television for output and had a printer. The interesting thing was that you couldn't run the computer without the printer as that's where the power cord was attached!

It had a slot for game cartriges like the ones on the Atari game systems.

It had no operating system in the general sense. When you booted up it loaded a word processor that looked just like a typewriter. If you wanted to load something else, you put the tape in the drive and then reset the system. It would take a ludicrously long time to boot, but eventually you got to play Buck Rogers or Carnival or run SmartBASIC or whatever else you had kicking around.

I wrote my first program on it when I was eight years old, and I've been having a blast programming ever since!