The X-files

Post-Modern Prometheus
Episode: 5X06
First aired:11/30/97
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Chris Carter

In a classic black and white episode, townspeople in rural Indiana believe that a Frankenstein-like creature roams the countryside and bring in Mulder and Scully to investigate.

Interesting notes:
    Cher was asked to guest star in this episode but declined. Her music is used but the woman at the end singing is not Cher. I read an article saying that Cher regretted not participating in the episode and would agree if she was asked again.
    Chris Owens, who stars as the Great Mutato, is now famous for portraying the young CSM and his son, the late Agent Spender.
    John O'Hurley stars as Dr. Pollidori. O'Hurley is famous for his character on Seinfeld amoung many shows and movies.

Shaineh Berkowitz, a typical middle aged woman from rural Indiana, watches a daytime talk show on television. She doesn't notice a person covering her entire house by a termite tent. The person comes into the house and puts a white cake thing into a skillet, triggering a reaction that produces a gaseous cloud. Berkowitz notices this and is scared, so looks around. Suddenly a huge disfigured creature runs at her.

We next see Mulder and Scully driving though rural Indiana. Scully reads aloud a letter addressed to Mulder concerning their investigation. The letter is from Berkowitz, descriving how that 18 years ago a creature entered her smoke filled bedroom while the music of Cher played in the background. Apparently three days later she had woken up pregnant with her son, Izzy. Berkowitz writes that she saw Mulder on the Jerry Springer show and is writing in hopes that he will investigate her case.

Mulder and Scully reach Berkowitz's home and look around. Scully finds a comic book with a picture of a creature on the front that matches Berkowitz's description of the creature that entered her home. Berkowitz explainst that the creature is known as The Great Mutato, a creation of her son. They talk to Izzy who says that he like others in the town have seen this creature, who apparently has a liking for peanut butter sandwiches.

Izzy and friends lead Mulder and Scully to the woods and lure the creature from the woods using peanut butter sandwiches. Mulder chases the creature but it disappears. Mulder then encounters an older man who says that the real "mosnter" is his son, the famous Dr. Francis Pollidori who has been experimenting with genetics.

Mulder and Scully visit Pollidori who decrives his experiments in genetic manipulation. Later on, Pollidori is preparing to leave and says goodbye to his wife. After he has left, we see termite tenting falling past her window.

Mulder and Scully stop by a diner in the town and are greated very interestingly by the locals. People believe that Jerry Springer will do a story on the town and the creature. With evidence from a newspaper article, they believe that Izzy has been secretly tape recording their conversations.

The agents drive past Pollidori's tented house and race inside. They find his wife unconscious and they themselves lose conciousness shortly. We see the older man, Pollidori's father step from the smoke, wearing a gas mask. When Mulder and Scully regain consciousness Pollidori's wife descrives her attacer as a deformed man with two mouths.

We see the father bringing the creature a peanut butter sandwich while it watches a Cher movie. Pollidori attacks and kills his father.

Meanwhile there is a small riot in town and a man claims he has found the monster, and pulls off a mask of person, exposing Izzy.

Scully and Mulder find that the white cake is a substance used to anesthetize herds of animals leading the agents back to the father. They find at the house a journalist who tells them that she witnessed the creature burying the old man. Soon a mob makes its way towards the house. Mulder and Scully realize that Pollidori killed his father and find the monster and befriend it. They attempt to escape but are spotted by the crowd and retreat into a cellar.

Pollidori, with the townspeople, rush into the cellar and he explains that the creature was brought to life by his father. The creature tells the crowd that he never harmed anyone and explains that the father, 25 years ago, realized that his son, Pollidori, was conducting scret experiments which created himself, the mutato. The old man loved the creature and wanted to create a mate.

The mob gives in and conclude that the Mutato is not a monster and Pollidori is arrested. Mulder and Scully take The Mutato into custody but bring him to a night club where Cher sings to the creature. In a special moment, Mulder and Scully dance together.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "Isn’t it obvious? I think that what we’re seeing here is an example of the culture for whom daytime talk shows and tabloid headlines have - have become a reality against which they measure their lives - a culture so obsessed with the media and a chance for self-dramatization that they’ll do anything in order to gain a spotlight."
Mulder -- "I am alarmed that you would reduce these people to a cultural stereotype. Not everybody’s dream is to get on Jerry Springer."

Scully -- "But common sense alone will tell you that these legends, these unverified rumors are ridiculous."
Mulder -- "But nonetheless, unverifiable, and therefore true in the sense that they’re believed to be true."
Scully -- "Is there anything that you don’t believe in, Mulder?"

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