Today, I (as well as some noders, above) turn 18. Indeed, it is my birthday. Eighteen, as big a number as that may be, I, being the rare-to-celebrate type, will have no more grand of a celebration of this event than of any others.

Although this node is on a personal note, it may apply to many other people, confused in their way, and its application may be that of enlightenment (goodness, I might actually reveal the truth! How unlikely :-))

You see, instead of celebrating a birthday, or another holiday which is not as rigorously followed in contemporary times, I save it for later. Although I will have no huge party today, in the near future a meeting of some of my close friends is being planned, and we will get drunk indeed.

Besides that, I have alot of people asking me if I will now go to a strip bar and get a full, nude, lap dance. The answer to this is that that's exactly the kind of activity that I wan't cut down on :).

In any case, wether one turns 18, or 180 (arguments for the last figure to be left for another node), the institution of a birthday has and will pioneer the flexibility of society (in its own special way), as it will no longer be necessary to shroud it in traditional ceremony of "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you," and may encompass activities ranging from sitting for a long period of time, to nude lap dances indeed. In any case, it's my birthday, and it is a memory nontheless.