On the Significance of Purchasing a Drill

Buying a drill is the suburban, middle-class WASP-boy equivalent of a bar mitzvah.

For our entire childhood, only our fathers had such power; to bore holes in wood, to unleash the might of the screw as the perfect fastener. Building a table, hanging shelves, fixing the stairs.

A drill isn't just a whirring, handheld source of torque. It's a projection of creative will.

The fact that you've bought a drill is indicative of a wholesale change in your place in the world. Owning a drill means that not only do you occupy an environment which you are empowered to alter, but you accept the responsibility for shaping your surroundings to your liking.

And, fine, for you Freudians out there, buying a drill just screams "replacing little boy-penis with big man-penis." Fine.

Self-reliance. Independence. Adulthood. Drilling. A foursquare mandala for maturity.